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CC Forms (Cadet Command)
CC Form 139-R
The CC Form 139-R is NOT a Contract that obligates the Cadet to a career in the Army.  It is the proper registration information that is required for the Cadet to be "loaded" into the Cadet Command information Management System (CCIMS).  The information on the 139-R is also used to gather information for the Cadet to Contract and be eligible for benefits.

CC Form 104-R The CC Form 104-R is a Cadet's Academic Plan to graduate.  Cadet Command Form 104R (Planned Academic Program Worksheet) must be fully typed, signed by the Academic Advisor, signed by the Cadet and turned-in to the ROO or HRA.  It is a requirement for any Cadet that enrolls in the program to complete each semester.  This becomes a guide between the program and the Cadet, that will ensure the plan they have submitted - and has been approved by the University - will allow the Cadet to Graduate on time and with their designated degree.  This is not an actual binding contract for military service.  The 104R is only for graduation/commission purposes in the specified degree program.

DA, DD Forms
DA 597 Cadet Non-Scholarship Contract, this is a military service contract.
DA 597-3 Cadet Scholarship Contract, this is a military service contract.
DA 4856Developmental Counseling
DD 93 Record of Emergency Data

Misc. Forms
 SF 1199ADirect Deposit Form
SGLV 8286 Soldier's Group Life Insurance Form

ADP 6-22 Army Leadership
ADRP 6-22 Army Leadership
AR 600-9The Army Weight Control Program
670-1Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia
FM 7-22 Physical Fitness Training
TC 3-21.8The Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad
‌‎TC 3-25.26Map Reading and Land Navigation