Military Science Classes

Basic Course (Three Ways to Get Credit)

MIL ARMY 1250 Leadership and Personal Development (1 CR) MS I Fall
MIL ARMY 1500 Introduction to Tactical Leadership (1 CR) MS I Spring
MIL ARMY 2250 Innovative Team Leadership (3 CR) MS II Fall
MIL ARMY 2500 Foundations of Tactical Leadership (3 CR) MS II Spring

Total required Basic Course credits:  8


Basic Camp


Basic Training

Advanced Course (Requires Contracting with ROTC)

MIL ARMY 3250 Adaptive Tactical Leadership (3 CR) MS III Fall
MIL ARMY 3500 Leadership in Changing Environments (3 CR) MS III Spring
MIL ARMY 4250 Developing Adaptive Leaders (3 CR) MS IV Fall
MIL ARMY 4500 Leadership in a Complex World (3 CR) MS IV Spring

Total required Advanced Course credits: 12


MIL ARMY 1700 Military Marksmanship (1 CR) Spring
MIL ARMY 1750 Survival and Lifesaving Techniques (1 CR) Fall
MIL ARMY 1000 Army Physical Readiness Program (1 CR) Every Semester
MIL ARMY 2750 Basic Leadership Laboratory (1 CR) Every Semester
MIL ARMY 4000 Special Problems (0-6 CR) Every Semester (contracted Cadets only)