Veterans and Soldiers


Prior service veterans of any service branch are eligible for Basic Course credit.   Interested veterans must meet eligibility requirements to enroll in the Advanced Course.  Contact the recruiting office for more details.

Guard and Reserve Soldiers

Army National Guard or Army Reserve Soldiers may serve as a cadet in the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) at the grade of E-5 (or current grade, if higher).  Chain of Command approval is required.  After contracting you can earn a $450-$500 monthly stipend from ROTC, a $350 ROTC kicker (if applicable per your enlistment contract),up to $4,500 per year Tuition Assistance (Reserve) or 100% public in-state tuition (Guard), and may apply for a supplemental S&T scholarship.  Reserve and Guard Soldiers who have completed AIT may be additionally eligible for Chapter 1606 or 1607 GI bill (click here to determine the amount paid) or Student Loan Repayment (prior to contracting). Contact the recruiting office or your chain of command for more details.   

Active Duty Soldiers

There are 3 separate Green to Gold options you can apply for, depending on your specific circumstances.  All options require U.S. Citizenship, and a GT score of 110. You must have the ability to obtain a secret clearance prior to commissioning, pass an APFT with no alternate events, meet HT/WT requirements, obtain a favorable recommendation from your chain of command, and be eligible for reenlistment.  You must have no more than 3 dependents including spouse (waive-able), no dual military, and no single parents.  Cadet Command has a waiver reduction policy in place, waiver requests may raise the minimum standards in other areas.

You can read more about the different options here

This program is NOT available to Active National Guard or Reservists (AGR).  Applicants who meet requirements for both may apply for the Active Duty Option and Scholarship Option at the same time.  A separate financial worksheet must be submitted for each option in this case.  Applicants working towards their Master's degree must complete it within 2 years (statutory requirement).  All classes must be seated - NO ONLINE CLASSES.  Due to the academic requirements of ROTC, this normally means Fall/Spring/Advanced Camp (over summer)/Fall/Spring (then graduation).  Applicants who wish to enroll in Master's programs that don't begin in the Fall or that don't matriculate in the Spring semester should check with the gaining ROTC Battalion for feasibility before applying.